Monday, April 9, 2012

Confessions of a VistaPrint Addict...

I love VistaPrint. It takes my addiction to office supplies to a whole new level. And while I've spent countless hours studying all of the various designs that other teachers have shared across the web, I've never taken the time to share my own. Here's what I've made this year:


This banner hangs just above my classroom library. 

Small Car Door Magnets

Stays on our dry erase board. I write all of the homework assignments for the day or week below.

I have several students who fail repeatedly to put names on their papers. (How is this still possible in 4th grade?!?!) I hang a magnetic clip below this sign and clip any papers sans owners there so they can be reunited. I yearn for the day when this magnet can be retired.

Business Cards/Loyalty Cards

In addition to a personal business card that I give to parents with all of my contact information, I've created a couple other business cards this year.

The Nurse Pass has been a huge time-saver for me. I created the "malaise" category to signal to the school nurse that the kid seems to be fine and may just need a little TLC before returning to class.

We use Accelerated Reader at my school for a variety of things, and I require my students to take at least 5 tests each term. This helps them keep track of how many more they have to do. I fill it out with the date, book level, and score when they get credit for the assignment. 

Return Address Labels

Book Labels

For assignments that need major revisions

Note Cards

I try to send thank you cards home to parents who volunteer or chaperone, and I have all of my students sign the inside. 

This is a note I send home if my Mystery Student has a good day in the class. If it's not such a good day, I'll send an email or make a phone call.



(front) - This is actually from last year, before I moved schools.

(back) - The blacked out information is all of my contact info. I try to send this home 1-2 days before the conference as a reminder because sometimes parents will book conferences weeks in advance.

Sticky Notes

In my dream world (a.k.a. the 2012-2013 school year. ha!), I will have parent volunteers come in and make copies for me. It's all part of my master plan to delegate as much as possible so I can focus on the important stuff. I'm saving these sticky notes for that magical day.

Small Magnets

I'm going to try these next year to label lockers. I'll use a vis-a-vis marker so that I can maybe re-use these the following year if they hold up okay. 


Yes, I even got a hat. I wear this hat in the classroom when I'm in the middle of something important (conferring with readers and writers or doing small group work), and I do not want to be disturbed. It has also come in handy on outdoor field trips.

Inspired to create your own VistaPrint designs? Feel free to use my affiliate link to get started!

How about you? What has been your favorite VistaPrint creation, or how have you used VistaPrint in your classroom? Feel free to comment and share links below!

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