Friday, March 28, 2014

Summer Book Studies

Maybe it's because spring break is approaching or because my students clearly have spring fever, but I'm already starting to make plans for the summer. As usual, tackling some good books for professional development is on the agenda.

This summer, I'm going to get back to my roots on this blog: Teaching Reading and Writing with Technology. Towards that end, I've selected two books.

Book #1 (studied in June): When Writing with Technology Matters by Carol Bedard & Charles Fuhrken

This book is a case study of various writing projects done in an elementary classroom. I perused the full text preview on the Stenhouse website, and it looks like it could spark some good ideas and discussions. It goes deep into a couple ideas rather than covering the full range of ways to integrate technology in writers' workshop, so it's a good text for teachers at all experience levels.

Book #2 (studied in July/August): Many Texts, Many Voices: Teaching Literacy and Social Justice to Young Learners in the Digital Age by Penny Silvers & Mary C. Shorey

I'm increasingly reminded that these kids have never lived in a world that didn't have Facebook or Twitter, and as social media takes over everything, I want to teach students the skills to help them become powerful consumers (and creators!) of information. This book focuses on authentic literacy tasks that foster critical literacy and engagement with technology. I really cannot wait to tackle this book!

I'd love for you to join me as readers or discussion leaders this summer! I'll post a complete schedule in May, but in the meantime, please help me spread the word. Summer is a great time to gather new ideas that you can take back to the classroom and to play around with technology.

If you'd like to share in leading the discussion at your blog this summer, please fill out this Google Form, and I'll be in touch to set up the schedule.

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  1. Great ideas for book studies! You are right about how our students have never lived in a world without technology. I absentmindedly mentioned a fax machine the other day and my 4th graders looked at me like I was from Mars! LOL!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

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