Saturday, March 9, 2013

Paperless Mission #3: Email Notes to Evernote

If you haven't already completed the prior missions, be sure to do those first.

Also be sure to link up at the Go Paperless! Challenge linky!

Mission #3: Email Notes to Evernote

Now that we have our notebooks built in Evernote, we need to start putting things in them. One of the best ways to do that is through email. Did you know that your Evernote account has its own email address?! 

Step 1: Find your Evernote email address.
Here's how to find it through the web platform:

In the upper right of your screen will be your username with a down arrow next to it. Click on it, and choose "Settings." This will open up your account summary.

There you'll find an email address that will have a format of

Step 2: Add this email address to your contacts on all of your email accounts and mobile devices.
I just named my contact "Evernote" and copied and pasted it in. Make sure that you add this contact to your school email as well your personal accounts and phone. Now that I have it set up, I find that I'm using it everywhere!

Step 3: Send emails to your account.
Once you have the address, sending emails is super easy.

  • Type your subject first. That will be the title of the note.
  • Use the "@" symbol to put the note in a specific notebook. (Without the "@" symbol, it will just go to your default notebook.)
  • Use the "#" symbol to create tags.
So for example, if I send a note that says "Informational Writing Lesson @Writer's Workshop #4W2 #lesson plans #mentor texts" it will create a note titled "Informational Writing Lesson" in my Writer's Workshop notebook with the tags "4W2," "lesson plans," and "mentor texts." It's important to write the subject in the order "note title @notebook name #tag1 #tag2" in order to get your note in the right spot.

One thing to note is that this format only works for existing notebooks and tags. It won't create new tags or notebooks at this time. Still, if the tag doesn't yet exist, the hash-tagged part will just show up at the end of your note title so you can add it to your tags later on.

If you want to add the email content to an existing note, use the format above with a "+" symbol at the end. Evernote will add it into the most recent note with the title of your subject. 

Ways this is helpful

1. Parent contacts - I'm supposed to keep a record of all of the emails that I exchange with parents, and given that my school email archives all messages after 3 months (and therefore makes it more difficult for me to access), I don't always keep up. In the past, keeping the emails meant printing each one to a .pdf file and saving it on my computer -- a tedious process that is easy to deprioritize. Now, I can just forward each email  to the appropriate student's notebook, add the tags #parent contact #email and I'm done. Easy-peasy!

2. Attachments - If you forward an email with an attachment, the attachment will be sent, too. This is helpful when my instructional coach sends me curriculum documents, rubrics, etc. 

3. Blogging - I have a blogging notebook, and I frequently have ideas or snap pictures on my iPhone or iPad for future posts. Now I can easily find those in my Evernote notebook wherever I'm at -- no more having to track down the device with the right picture or the scrap(s) of paper I wrote the idea on.

What are some other ways you can imagine emailing notes to yourself? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comment section! And if you haven't already joined the Go Paperless! Challenge, what are you waiting for?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great post. I just practiced sending emails to my Evernote. This seems like it could be very helpful. I love this series! And am eager to learn what you have next!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

    1. Glad you got it to work. I've been using this feature more and more as I try to empty my email box. It's amazing the number of things that I used to hold onto that now I just file away in Evernote.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. This is great! I set up a notebook for each student this morning and have been sending practice emails. I hope to try using my notebooks to collect information from writing conferences during workshop tomorrow.
    Still Teaching After All These Years

    1. So glad that you're giving it a try. I definitely get a lot of use out of Evernote during conferences, and I'm trying to do more to document the important work we do in those conferences with more pictures and audio recordings. Good luck with using it, and be sure to update us on how it goes!

  3. I spent this morning setting up notebooks for my 109 students! I then emailed a copy of their school picture into their notebook....but I exhausted my monthly allowance. :-(

    Forwarding emails is a great idea! I can't wait to add that to my repertoire.

    Surviving Sixth Grade

    1. Oh no! Were the photos high res? I only have 26 students, but I haven't gotten to the monthly allowance yet. Still, I'm planning to splurge and get a premium account. The absence of paper is well worth the $5/month or $45/year to me.

      Thanks for commenting!


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